Trans and Gender Expansive Adults Series Part 1: Health Disparities and Support | Supported by CCSME

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In part 1, the presenter will provide an overview of the role and expectations for behavioral health clinicians with regard to treatment, and social and medical transition planning for adults. Several healthcare disparities faced by Transgender and Gender Expansive individuals – including medical, mental health, and substance use will be identified. The webinar will be framed within the most current guidelines for treatment outlined by leading organizations in the field, including the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and The Endocrine Society. Thirty minutes of out-of-class work will be assigned. You may register twice to participate in the full tw0-part series or sign-up once to take the program of your choice.

Some knowledge of gender affirming language and of Transgender and Gender Expansive individuals is required. Prior to this webinar, you may enroll in the CCSME online course: Trans and Gender Expansive Adults – Foundations for Behavioral Healthcare and Medical Treatment (1 contact hour)