Resilience Skill Building across the Continuum of Care | Supported by CCSME

Event Details

As a much-needed complement to treating mental health issues and opioid/substance use disorders (OUD/SUDs), focusing on primary prevention, health promotion and resilience skills can benefit everyone! Whether you're a counselor, health care provider, parent, educator, or administrator, learning resilience skills is ideal for self-care and for the work we do with others. By going beyond treating issues after they arise, focusing on positive physical, emotional and mental health promotes optimal human functioning. We can learn, as well as teach, concrete skills to decrease depression and anxiety, increase connection, promote optimistic thinking styles, and reduce and prevent opioid/substance use disorders.

Participants will be able to:

• Understand the benefits of primary prevention, health promotion and resilience skill-building across the continuum of care
• Learn 4 resilience skills that can decrease anxiety and depression and increase connection and promote an optimistic thinking style
• Discuss ways to bring these skills fully into our professional practices, as well as our own lives.