CCSME Annual Meeting: Addressing Health Equity through Trauma, Awareness, and Resilience | Supported by CCSME

Event Details

Morning Session (Open to all)– After developing a shared value system, participants will engage in self-reflective practices to recognize their own responses to stress. Concepts of intersectionality, implicit bias, and equity will help participants understand how their work is impacted by their identity. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of equitable and trauma-informed approaches. 8:30am to 12pm

Lunch and Awards Ceremony (Members Only)- 12pm to 1:15pm

Afternoon Session (Members Only) – Through activities and discussions, trauma, resilience, toxic stress, and neuroplasticity will be defined and characterized. Addressing how clients are impacted by trauma at multiple levels will lead into identifying a client's strength and resiliency. An overview of micro-aggressions and a health equity framework will increase understanding of trauma informed elements and an equitable advocacy approach. After delving into co-occurring cycles of violence and the re-traumatization of clients within systems, the facilitator will guide the audience in identifying the strengths and needs of their organizations and practices. The day will end with action planning and goal setting. 1:15pm to 4:00pm

Become a Member – Join CCSME by May 1, to attend either the morning or afternoon for free or the full day for just $30 with lunch