Peer workforce to be focus of meeting

The number of peers in the behavioral health workforce is expanding rapidly across the country. Bringing their own lived experiences of recovery from mental health and/or substance use conditions, they promote mind-body recovery and resiliency for the people they support.

The CCSME Annual Meeting: Building Capacity with Maine's Peer Workforce, to be held Mon., May 7, 2018, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Augusta Civic Center, will explore the many facets of this shift and the roles peers hold in the workforce, as well as the opportunities and challenges they face both in Maine and nationally. Come and participate in discussion about the evolving behavioral health workforce.


  • Raise awareness of the shift toward a peer workforce in Maine and across the country
  • Educate on the breadth of the peer recovery in Maine
  • Support the advancement of the peer workforce in Maine

The morning keynote speakers and the panel will highlight Maine's achievements. Representative from MaineCare and SAMHS will share the history of peer services in Maine. Peers will showcase their activities and programs. Beverly J. Haberle, executive director of The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, will reflect on national trends.

In the afternoon, Pat McKenzie will lead a witnessing exercise with peer leaders and engage everyone in the evolving narrative here in Maine.

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