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  • 6.18 (Online)

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    Ethics: Life is Messy (Web Course) | Supported by Adcare


    Ongoing Enrollment: Self-paced 3-hour (plus optional additional 1 hour CE credit) online training explores ethics in the middle of a real life practic...

  • 8.3

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    Prevention of Nonmedical Use of Opioids in Older Adults | Supported by CCSME

    This presentation will review nonmedical opioid use and older adults, including epidemiology, risk factors of diversion, link between opioid use and...

  • 8.5

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    Pregnancy, Birth, Parenthood, and Drugs: A Harm Reduction Based Approach | Supported by CCSME

    We will discuss the often confusing research and data associated with pregnancy and drug use, strategize ways to engage pregnant people who might be u...

  • 8.11

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    Combat Stress, PTSD, and Pain Management | Supported by CCSME

    This presentation will discuss several reasons why chronic pain and PTSD co-occur in combat veterans and how they exacerbate each other....

  • 8.17

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    The Intersection of ACEs and Addiction: What if Our Biggest Challenges Start with the Smallest of Us? | Supported by CCSME

    This training will provide an introductory overview of the science of stress, how ACEs greatly increase the risk for substance misuse, explore Nationa...

  • 8.24

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    Changing the Way We Approach Substance Use | Supported by CCSME

    This training will focus on the roles of stigma and discrimination in substance use and ways in which we can play a pivotal role in reducing and preve...

  • 9.15

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    Medical and Recreational Marijuana: Probation, Pretrial Services, and Treatment Courts | Supported by CCSME

    This presentation will discuss the current status of medical and recreational marijuana use in treatment courts, as well as probation, parole and pre-...

  • 9.23

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    4 week Online | Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health & Co-Occurring Services | Supported by CCSME

    This is a self-paced four week online course. All assignments are to be completed weekly with an October 22, 2021 end date. This course explores the a...

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