Thousands of behavioral health professionals need training and certification

Thousands of behavioral health professionals need training and certification

If you help people with mental health, substance abuse, or co-occurring conditions in Maine, we're here to help you take the next steps toward professional success. Our goal is to help professionals like you who are seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge to better serve the people of Maine. We offer quality educational programs in Maine and online. We are a partnership of three experienced organizations.

8.17.16 Methamphetamine Fact Sheet issued

A new fact sheet on the dangers of methamphetamine use and manufacture has been released by the Maine CDC, in collaboration with the Methamphetamine Prevention Task Force, to create greater awareness.

8.8.16 Substance Abuse Prevention Skills T..

Prevention practitioners can receive a comprehensive introduction to the substance misuse prevention field while earning a required component for the Maine Certified Prevention Specialist credential with Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training.

7.27.16 Improve cultural competence with SA..

A useful resource to highlight during National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, TIP 59: Improving Cultural Competence is a free 330-page manual from SAMHSA.

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8.29.16 Ethics, Boundaries and Navigating Challenges of Te..


8.30.16 Ethics: Life is Messy (Web Course) | Supported by ..

8.30.16 Safe At Work: Enhancing Personal Safety (free 1-ho..


8.31.16 Cultural Competence for Counselors (Web Course) | ..